Gili labak the Hidden Paradise

Gili labak the hidden paradise

Gili Labak is small island that located southeast side of Madura island. This small island covered only 5 hectares and there 50 families live in this island. Administratively, this island is in Talango sub-district, Sumenep regency, East Java. When we heard Gili Labak for the first time our mind has flew to Lombok but we’re totally wrong, not only Lombok had Gili named but here in Madura there hidden paradise called Gili Labak.

Gili labak View on Google EarthWhite sand and blue ocean with gentle waves makes very worth to visit, About 50 meters before anchored on the shoreline we can clearly see the coral reefs. Gili labak become one of the favorite places to snorkeling or diving, because Gili labak have diverse tabled coral reefs and marine life. To enjoy snorkeling or diving there already available snorkeling tools and if you want to overnight there’s tent rentals.

Gili labak from Google maps

Not many tourists know Madura has a beautiful and lovely island. First name of the island was rat island. Because once this place is a rat’s nest. This Island was renamed to Gili Labak, which is better known with the dialect of Madura people and to attract the visitor.

Gili Labak BeachThis Hidden Paradise can be reached less than 2 hours from Kalianget harbor. The island layout quite hidden even the atlas were purchased in the store did not reveal this island in eastern Java maps. The island just wide of the football field and thus require a larger scale to appear on the map.

Gili labak Beach

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